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Miss Sara
16 February 2007 @ 13:33
So, at the moment, I can most definitely say I am a terrible person. Keeping up with this posting thing is SO difficult this term - I'm just unbelievably busy!

Firstly - a belated (and totally un-anonymous) happy Valentine's Day to you all! I hope all is well with you, and love you dearly if you're here and reading which, let's face it, it takes a little something to do.

Valentine's Day and celibacy. Hmm. Well I was sent a few cards and a dozen red roses, which was nice - obviously people want to keep me sweet for when I finish, hey? :P But seriously, it was nice :) Spent the evening with the Robinson contingent of singles, was good to all be together - a vast quantity of wine was imbibed and we had a great giggle.

Watched Serendipity with Lins last night. *sigh* It's all about the blind faith, hey?

Not having such a good day today, but what will you do, hmm?

Miss Sara
01 February 2007 @ 17:14
Amazing grace,
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me...

I once was lost. What a good way to start an LJ entry - so often are these posts full of... angst, and difficulty, and heartbreak.

But now I'm found.

Feeling a lot better today, I braced the world and headed down to Cambridge's Arts Picture House to attend the preview screening of new film Amazing Grace. Following William Wilburforce in his strive for abolition of the slave trade, the film was beautiful. Well filmed, not putting too much pressure on religion/violence/politics or anything else, it was really inspirational.

I was asked to attend because of my celibacy campaign, and as a member of Stop the Traffik here in Cambridge. I don't know, there was something about it that gave me the strength to do this. It is hard, but the benefit is not for me: it is for those who can't do something to help themselves. And I think what I'm doing is really, really awesome.

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Miss Sara
29 January 2007 @ 10:48
I cannot believe this!

I've been to the doctor's this morning and have been diagnosed with viral meningitis. RUBBISH. The worst bit is, I haven't caught it from anyone as I've not been near anyone to catch it in the traditional ways! :S (At least this means I haven't been spreading it around...!)

Have been told to stay in bed for the next few days and rest lots. Really annoyed, because it means I'm missing lectures and having to delay supervisions. But what happens happens, and here I am.

Can't focus on much, so am going back to sleep.

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Miss Sara
27 January 2007 @ 20:02
Dear me! My organisational skill has been thrown right out of the window, and I've been absolutely shit about updating this thing. Uni's had a lot going on, with organisational stuff for the JCR and essay writing/translation for me...

We're now one week, two days, twenty hours and four minutes in and this is already proving quite difficult. Dancing at Cindies on Tuesday - absolute nightmare - and just bumming around with the guys is a lot less touchy-feely, which is so bizarre when we've all always been so physically close.

David and I went for dinner last night and spent some time together - a fair bit of drinking ensued, and I crawled back with him this morning at four thirty - shocking. Am quite tired now, might just crawl into bed with some CSI...

So, still succeeding but it's surprisingly difficult. Ah well! Just under seven weeks to go... And it will be muchly worth it for the amount of money I've had pledged so far!

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Miss Sara
21 January 2007 @ 10:23
It starts...

I've evidently been a bit of a muppet and failed to start writing in here on the right day - whoops. It's all been a bit mental the last few days, with gatherings and dinners and coffees and work and sleep, but I've managed to find a few minutes to just give you an update!

I'm now 3 days, 10 hours and 24 minutes into my celibacy. Believe me when I say I've found it's difficulty already. But it's not always about the usual stuff - kissing and the like - it's the smaller things. Like, playfighting and straddling a friend, and going bra-shopping with others - it's all a little difficult!

Amelia's 'BLUE' themed party proved to be of some entertainment. Breaking the mould (as ever), I went in terms of a blue movie star - well, I can show off my pretty underwear as I'm celibate, not chaste! - and it was hilarious. Really good night, Amelia cooked, all the Robinson lot came over, and just general madness, as ever.

So yes. I've had a couple of tests so far (e.g. last night) but I'm still going :)

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Miss Sara
14 January 2007 @ 01:35
Hey hey hey,

I am back in Cambridge! :) Very pleased to be back, although, it's funny, I was looking forward to coming back LESS this term than I usually do. Think I might be a bit of a home bunny this year... I'll be going home, seeing Guy quite a lot this term, so I should be okay. I'll need the support from the family, although they won't know why...!

Have re-jigged my room a bit, think it works better now...

Just a few days left now - very scary concept, I'm finding... Great point of conversation, though! :)

Lots of love to you all,
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Miss Sara
10 January 2007 @ 00:59
Hello there!

Just a quick message to welcome you to my LiveJournal. Some of you will be oldies, some of you regulars, some of you brand-spanking-newbies!

As you all know, I'm undertaking eight weeks of celibacy for charity: no kissing, no canoodling, no nookie, no sex. This LJ is for my ramblings - what it's like, how I'm feeling, that kind of thing. I'm doing this as a lot of people have asked me how I feel about doing this, so I figured I'd track from day-to-day how things change...

Anyway, thank you all for visiting and if you haven't already pledged, please please email me (ss621@cam.ac.uk) and let me know how much you are willing to pledge. Any donation is gratefully received!

If you're curious as to where the money will be going, please go to the Stop The Traffik website (www.stopthetraffik.org) and follow the links to the China Project, which is going to be where my money will be going.

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