January 21st, 2007


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It starts...

I've evidently been a bit of a muppet and failed to start writing in here on the right day - whoops. It's all been a bit mental the last few days, with gatherings and dinners and coffees and work and sleep, but I've managed to find a few minutes to just give you an update!

I'm now 3 days, 10 hours and 24 minutes into my celibacy. Believe me when I say I've found it's difficulty already. But it's not always about the usual stuff - kissing and the like - it's the smaller things. Like, playfighting and straddling a friend, and going bra-shopping with others - it's all a little difficult!

Amelia's 'BLUE' themed party proved to be of some entertainment. Breaking the mould (as ever), I went in terms of a blue movie star - well, I can show off my pretty underwear as I'm celibate, not chaste! - and it was hilarious. Really good night, Amelia cooked, all the Robinson lot came over, and just general madness, as ever.

So yes. I've had a couple of tests so far (e.g. last night) but I'm still going :)